My studio remains closed at this time.  I offer relaxation massage, not medical massage and I'm opting to remain closed in hopes that we can get a handle on this virus.  Be safe.  I'm missing you too!

Hello Friends and Clients. As my County enters into Phase 2 allowing for Massage Therapy, I just want to let everyone know that at this time, I will NOT be open for Massage. When you receive a massage, you are typically in a room that is 12 x 12, more or less, and ventilation can vary. As a Massage Therapist, I am in close proximity to you....I am touching your body....for 60 to 90 minutes. Massage Therapy is a hands on profession, and, throughout this entire event we have been told, NO TOUCHING! As it can be two weeks from exposure to show signs of Covid 19, every client I see would extend that time. I could be asymptomatic and exposing my clients without knowing it. I would rather not get Covid 19 myself, but the chance of giving it to a client is not worth it to me. I miss you all very much, as I miss my Massage Therapist as well. I feel strongly that we need to see which way this virus is heading, and I prefer to not be part of the spread. There are Massage Therapists who are comfortable opening at this time, and they are taking all the precautions that have been mandated. My feelings will not be hurt if you wanted to see one of them. I will be back, as Massage Therapy is my happy place, just not right now. Thank you for your support and your understanding. Stay well


I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, offering professional and ethical massage only

I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your health and wellness team. Massage connects the body and mind in a way no other approach does. Massage is not a luxury, but an important component in keeping a healthy life balance.

 I am located at my home studio, 135th Pl NW, Tulalip WA 98271.  After scheduling your appointment, you will receive the complete address. 

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