Laura Shadrick LMT PLLC

Massage Info and FAQ

It’s important for you to know, whether this is your first massage or you’ve experienced many massages, the massage session is yours.  This is a time for you to relax and unwind.  If you are uncomfortable for any reason, please speak up and let me know; too warm, too cold, need to change position, area being treated, pressure being used.  Your comfort is directly related to your ability to relax and get the most benefit from your session, so please talk to me and let me know if anything needs to be changed for you.

At your first visit

You will be required to fill out a health history/client information form.  It is important to list all medications and all health concerns so I can tailor your massage to your specific needs.  Be sure to include any allergies you have so I will be aware if I need to use a different lotion or oil.

I will then discuss with you, what outcome you are looking for with your session and areas of focus.

Do you need to be completely undressed?

I will ask you to undress to your level of comfort.  Some people completely undress, while others will leave underpants on.  It is easier to massage bare skin, however I will work around any clothing you leave on.  I will always leave the room while you are undressing and dressing.  Don't rush or worry that I will walk in on you -- I will always knock and ask if you are ready before entering the massage room.


You will be draped the entire session, with only the area being worked on being uncovered.  Genitals and breasts are never uncovered or worked on.

Will the massage hurt?

Massage does not need to hurt to be effective!  Your massage is customized to meet your individual pressure needs using a combination of Swedish and Deeper Pressure modalities.  I will adjust the depth of my pressure and areas of focus as directed by you the client, bringing the body into balance, relaxing the muscles and soothing nerves, at your level of comfort.

What should I do during my massage?

Although some people prefer to talk throughout the massage, don't feel like you have to make conversation with me. Feel free to close your eyes and relax, which is what most people do.

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that requires more feedback. The massage therapist often works on deeper layers of muscle and will want to ensure that the pressure is not uncomfortable.

Be sure to speak up if:

You experience pain

You have any questions related to the massage

There's anything you forgot to mention during the consultation

What if I drool, snore or pass gas?

Massage can activate the parasympathetic nervous system.  These are all normal body functions during massage.  I will ignore these normal body functions and know that your body has entered a very relaxed state.

What if I get an erection?

Some men avoid massage therapy because they worry that they'll get an erection. Or they get the massage, but are unable to relax during the massage because of this fear.

There is no reason to be embarrassed.  Some men do get an erection during a non-sexual, therapeutic massage.

Erection is a common physiological response that happens when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated by touch anywhere on the body. Your massage therapist (male or female) understands this and will generally ignore it.

If you are still worried, you may wish to wear a men's bikini bathing suit during the massage, which provides more support than boxers.

When should I not get a massage?

When you are sick, (cold, flu, fever) or have a contagious condition.  There are 3 main reasons for this:

I don’t want to catch what you have.

I don’t want my other clients to catch what you have.

Massage can greatly worsen the symptoms of a virus or cold.

If you are currently under a Doctor’s care, please talk with your Dr. to see if receiving massage is safe for you.

If you are unsure, talk with me and we can determine the best time to schedule or reschedule if necessary.


Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated.  Whether you tip or not, has no bearing on the massage you will receive from me.  Please feel free to recommend me to your friends and family.  Best tips ever!


I clean my room between each client to ensure a healthy environment for each session.  The table and face cradle has an impermeable covering that is disinfected after each session.  The linens, blankets and towels are washed after each session.  I wash my hands before and after each session.  Your health and comfort are very important to me.