My first massage therapy...ever ! and I'm 83, too. Very relaxing, and Laura is so gentle and sensitive.. As she told me, "I treat people the way I would like to be treated" Wouldn't our world be super if ALL thought (and acted) this way?" 
- Lorna 


Better than expected. Limited Carpal Tunnel only at base of thumb. 

- Ken (Ken Curtis)




Laura's massages are magic! I go in with my aches and walk out on a cloud. In short, she is one of the very best masseuses I have met. I highly recommend her.
- Larry Sugarman


Absolute best massage. Very relaxing....
- Rosemary (Rosemary Svetich

She always makes me feel better....and I have severe arthritis.
- Kelley Smith


I have arranged for my 80+ year-old mother to receive weekly massages from Laura. She is so kind and patient with her. My mother has mobility issues and Laura helps ensure she has the support she needs to get safely on and off the massage table, as well as working gently and carefully in her massage to address my mom's needs.
- Alina Hensel